For ages the cultural aspect of oriental rugs has been a part of every day life in Persia. I,Kian Amindavar and my family, the founder of Amindavar Rugs, have experienced the first hand pleasures of this illustrious world. My family has been fortunate enough to participate in this glorious culture for centuries. This has always been a very honorable life, to be involved in the production, distribution and preservation of these historically wonderful works of art.

Please contact us by email or phone for REPAIR, CLEANING and APPRAISAL of any kind of rugs to find out the cost of the services and arrange the time for pickup and delivery.

PORTRAIT RUGS AND CUSTOM RUG DESIGN SERVICES: as a method of delivering satisfaction to all different categories of taste, we can make custom designs of any choice along with professional consultation to help fulfill every and any desire design. We can convert your photographs into identically unique and timeless portrait rugs that illustrate the best of Amindavar Rugs.

Oriental rugs have become known all over the world as works of art in the past century. The Oriental rug's name has conventionally been used to describe hand-knotted rugs from the East.

Rugs are generally named after the village, town or district where they are woven or collected, or by the weaving tribe in the case of nomadic pieces.

Each rug has a particular pattern, palette, and weaving techniques that are specific to a geographic area or nomadic tribe.

Gabbeh Rugs are woven by artisans, given the liberty of weaving what they see in their daily surroundings as opposed to what the market demands to be incorporated as folk art. Thus two Persian Gabbehs are seldom the same. They always utilize natural woods and dyes to deliver decorative scenaries of nomadic life in some of the most calmingly attractive areas of the world.

Each rug is beautiful in its own way, with its own pattern and design.